Who We Serve

Nebraska’s Community Health Centers (CHCs) provide high-quality, affordable health care homes for any Nebraskan seeking medical, dental, or behavioral health services.  Since payment for services can be arranged on a sliding fee scale based upon income, Nebraska CHCs are essential for increasing access to health services for lower income patients.  Thus CHCs primarily treat patients who are low-income, uninsured, and under-insured relying on our state’s health care safety net.

In 2015, Nebraska CHCs served over 76,000 unduplicated patients  with integrated primary care, preventative services, chronic disease management, and support services addressing medical, dental, and behavioral health needs.  Of these patients served, 47% were uninsured, 90% had incomes at or below 200% poverty levels, and 63% had incomes at or below 100% poverty levels.

At Community Health Centers Medicaid, Medicare, and uninsured patients are welcomed, relieving burdens on private practice doctors and other facilities.  Community health center patients come from all ages and backgrounds – from pregnant women and infants to teenagers to senior adults and disabled persons.  Nebraska CHCs are key providers of health care for those facing greatest need.