Our Impact

Nebraska Community Health Centers (CHCs) contribute to Nebraska’s ranking among the healthiest states, being 10th in the nation in 2015, according to www.americashealthrankings.com.   But disparities remain among underserved populations from rural communities to our urban areas.   CHCs work to reduce barriers to access – such as language, cost, literacy and lack of transportation – that inhibit underserved patients from getting the care they need.  Because Nebraska’s health centers are community-based and culturally sensitive to the areas they serve, they are making a difference by positively impacting the health of underserved and minority populations across Nebraska.

National studies confirm the cost savings of health centers compared with other providers.  Health center patients – from pregnant  women and infants to senior adults and disabled persons, from every income level – all save money when they choose Nebraska’s CHCs.   CHCs, also called Federally Qualified Health Centers, are accountable to federal quality of care requirements and meet high standards for health care.  They make tremendous economic impacts on the communities they serve.  They are key to increasing access to health care for vulnerable Nebraskans.  See why we matter in terms of cost savings, quality of care, economic impact, and access for the uninsured/underinsured below:

Cost Savings

Nebraska Federally Qualified Health Centers:

  • Provide health services at a lower cost per patient than other health care providers.
  • Save health care dollars systemwide by reducing emergency, hospital, and specialty-care costs.

Quality Care

Nebraska Federally Qualified Health Centers:

  • Provide medical, dental and behavioral health services, they are one-stop health care homes.
  • Perform above the U.S. average for childhood immunization rates, fewer low birth weight babies, more patients with controlled hypertension, and patients meeting diabetes treatment goals.
  • Are skilled in working  with Nebraska low income and Medicaid patients with complex conditions.

Economic Impact

Nebraska Federally Qualified Health Centers:

  • Provide fulltime employment for over 400 people in our communities across the state and support over an additional 250 jobs in other industries NE Economic Impact Report.
  • Injected $39 million of operating expenditures directly into local communities in 2010.
  • Had an overall economic impact of $67 million across Nebraska in 2010.

Access for Uninsured/Underserved

Nebraska Federally Qualified Health Centers served over 76,000 unduplicated patients in 2015.

  • 47% of patients were uninsured.
  • 90% of patients had incomes at or below 200% poverty,
  • 63% of patients had incomes at or below 100% poverty.

FQHCs are open to all.  Medicaid, Medicare, and uninsured patients are welcomed, relieving burdens on private practice doctors and other facilities.