What is NebraskaHealth+?

NebraskaHealth+ is an innovative new vision and brand to educate patients about the benefits of Nebraska’s Community Health Centers. NebraskaHealth+ represents the “plus” that community health centers offer their patients by going beyond primary care to encompass a whole health approach.

What does HCAN hope to accomplish with the NebraskaHealth+ branding campaign?

The Health Center Association of Nebraska (HCAN) is proud to announce the co-branding initiative of NebraskaHealth+ to brand all seven of the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) of Nebraska together into a network. NebraskaHealth+ is designed to provide the public with counsel and guidance on the health services available throughout the Community Health Centers in Nebraska. It represents the “plus” in care that Community Health Centers offer their patients by going beyond primary care and offering services such as dental, prenatal care, behavioral health, pharmacy, and enrollment assistance in a culturally competent environment.

Each health center will adopt the NebraskaHealth+ into their logo to display their unity with all Nebraska Community Health Centers.  It is not a company or a corporation, but more a group of independent community health centers with a shared vision to provide high quality and accessible healthcare for all.

This new brand will also utilize a comprehensive and innovative website, www.nebraskahealthplus.com.  Consumers will have the ability to inform themselves about their health care options, find ways to enroll in coverage that is right for them and find a local community health center.

For more information about NebraskaHealth+, contact  Angela Lindstrom, Integrated Marketing Director, alindstrom@hcanebraska.org or 402-932-3147 or visit www.nebraskahealthplus.com