Outreach & Enrollment

Outreach & Enrollment.  Just two words but now so much more meaningful.  From just going out into the community, Outreach now means a tireless effort to help individuals who may qualify for affordable health insurance, possibly for the very first time.  From just getting enrolled to enter a sport or a school, Enrollment now means peace of mind for thousands of Nebraskans who will get new help with medical expenses at a price they can afford.  For those of us working in Outreach & Enrollment from Community Health Centers, it means reaching people of various ages, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds for the common goal of enrolling in health insurance.

This is why I am here.  I am excited to be a part of this historic effort to increase access to health care and the insurance that helps pay for it.  I have always wanted to help others and I am able to do so by providing Outreach & Enrollment assistance to health centers throughout the state of Nebraska.  How awesome is that?  Pretty awesome.  I am fortunate enough to meet and work with people at our health centers who see the challenges they are up against.  They do not back down, standing for what they believe is right for the people they serve.  Kudos to you, health centers!

The other day, I was asked to do a Health Insurance Marketplace presentation on a Sunday afternoon to a group of refugee women.  The address I was given led me to a tiny Asian grocery store.  Within a few minutes I was given delicious Thailand coffee.  (By far the best coffee I have had.  I really like my coffee creamy.  Anyway, trust me, it was good coffee.)  I soon learned that their meeting place changed every time they met because they did not have a designated spot.  I saw how committed these women were because they are starting an organization unlike any other in Omaha in order to take the information from my health care reform talk to their populations.  I began my presentation and the time flew.  The conversations around the table were great.  I was able to give them many resources which they, in turn, will provide to their diverse refugee groups.  These women are committed to spreading the word that health insurance may be available to help their own communities in need.  Again, how awesome is that?  People taking the initiative to help educate others.

Do these women inspire you?  Here’s what you can do to help:

Please contact me if you have health care reform questions.  I would love to help you get the information you need.

Your Partner for Health Care Access,

Keshia Bradford

Director of Outreach & Enrollment



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