Healthy People 2020 Background

Clinical performance data collected from all community health centers annually, via the Uniform Data System (UDS), align with the Healthy People initiative.

Healthy People provides science-based 10 year objectives for improving health in the U.S. You can find more information on Healthy People online at

The Healthy People indicators most directly linked to health centers are those in the Clinical Preventive Services category. Clinical preventive services include important primary care services provided by community health centers such as cancer screening, control of hypertension and diabetes and immunizations. 

Healthy People 2020 and Community Health Centers

HRSA’s Bureau of Primary Health Care expects community health centers to meet or exceed at least one of the following Healthy People 2020 Goals, related to clinical preventive services:

  • 80% or more of children are fully immunized.
  • 85.4% or more of Diabetic Patients have HbA1c counts less than or equal to 9%.
  • 93% or more of female Patients have an up to date PAP test.
  • 61.2% of Hypertensive Patients have BP less than 140/90.
  • 7.8% or fewer births are Low Birth Weight.
  • 77.9% or more of Prenatal Patients begin care in the 1st Trimester of pregnancy.

HCAN encourages community health centers and their partners to explore the Healthy People website for the latest resources, tools and best practices that can help us meet Healthy People 2020 goals here in Nebraska.

Information on webinars, newsletters and best practices from Healthy People 2020 can be found here.

To be added to the clinical performance listserve and receive information on related HCAN webinars, contact Keshia Bradford, Director of Outreach & Enrollment at: or 402-933-3519.